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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Awesome Sites That Will Earn You Money

Below are sites that I find useful and great!

You will save money as you use the following websites. Some sites will pay you while using them. All of them are legit and I actually got money transferred to my bank account.

Screenshots of each site will be provided below.

Let's discuss them one by one so you can learn more about them.

I actually got cash backs or rebates while shopping online. We usually browsed and surfed Lazada website to buy items that interest us. Once we had a specific item to buy, we will first login to Lazada site and then go back to ShopBack website to login my account as well.

On ShopBack's homepage, I just look up for Lazada icon and click on its associated link. It will redirect me and open a new tab for Lazada website. From there, we can now search and buy the item we want. As soon as we're done purchasing the said item (we normally choose the cash on delivery as mode of payment, since we want to ensure the quality of the item. Also, credit card is not a must or required whenever you buy item in Lazada), go back to ShopBack site and see the credited cash back, rebates, or money to your account.

Once your money there reaches 300 pesos and above, you can now cash it out to your bank account.

Here is my first cash out with the total amount of 946.96 pesos.

My 1st Cashout in ShopBack
My 1st Cashout in ShopBack
Pending Cash Back
Pending Cash Back

Redeemable Cash Back
Redeemable Cash Back

Bonus Money
Bonus Money

I am going to cash out another money this July 2017 as I am waiting for some of my cash backs to be redeemable.

Please join me by clicking images above and you will get 200 pesos (first 100 pesos upon signing up and another 100 pesos upon making a first purchase).

Come on, let's do this!

Whenever Bro. Bo announces that there is a big discount in Kerygma website, I go and purchase books I want. Why? Because that is the chance to get books at an affordable price!

Imagine, instead of going to malls and purchase those books at their normal prices, I just browse and surf books that interest me at the comfort of my home.

Also, if you're having a difficult time to look for a specific book but it's available on the Kerygma website, then go and click image below.

Who knows, you might find there the perfect and right book for you.

Here is the screenshot of the site for reference.

Kerygma Shop
Kerygma Shop

I do become a fan of coins because it makes my life easy and efficient.

Imagine before, I used to fall in line in banks or other Bayad Centers (payment merchant) just to pay all our bills.

I also paid some of my credit card bills as well as my mom's and sister's card.

Because of coins, everything becomes smooth. All transactions indeed!

Also, if you want to load your cellular phones or cellphones of other people (including your friends and family), you can do it using coins. You will get 5% rebates in every load you make.

Another thing is you will get 5 pesos in every unique bill you pay online. And in addition to that, you will get another 100 pesos once you successfully paid 5 unique bills in a week. The money (100 pesos bonus) will get credited to your coins account on Wednesday next week.

I hope you decided to create an account by clicking the image below because if you do, both of us will get 50 pesos (once you sign up and verified yourself through id and selfie).

Create an account now and benefit from the benefits I mentioned above.

Coins Website
Coins Website

Uber becomes useful to me esp. when I need to ride a car during the most unexpected place and time.

I also use this app whenever I'm with my mom due to her health condition. She can not commute non-stop because of her health issues.

Anyway, this app is very useful esp. when I have big items that I need to bring at home like furniture or stuff. Just make sure that your smartphone is loaded and registered to an internet data plan (either prepaid or postpaid) so you can use it immediately.

If you find this one useful, don't forget to have a contingency plan or other alternative (esp. if you are the type of person who wants to compare on where you can cut cost and save money).

Enjoy installing this Uber app.

Uber Website
Uber Website

This is what I mentioned above. Grab works the same way as Uber. If we think of it this way, they are competitors.

But it is a good idea to have these 2 apps installed on your smartphone for emergency purposes.

This app helps you to book a needed car and the mode of payment depends on you: cash or credit card.

I forgot to mention that Uber and Grab usually give promos or vouchers so on your next ride, you will pay less.

That's it! If you value your money and you want to save from your spending, check this app out.

Grab Website
Grab Website

I hope I provided you great websites and useful apps on this post.

Basically, the reason why I wrote and shared this blog post (aside from the monetary value I will get in a form of money, rebates, and discounts) is to help you at all. I want you to maximize these websites and take advantage of what they offer.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below or email me by clicking the contact menu above. You will find there my email address.

Again, don't be selfish. Just help and make this world a better place to live and stay in.

Thanks for reading this long entry. =)

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